Design History: Fix-a-Stall Partition Wall Bracket History

The Fix-a-Stall bracket was designed by a seasoned Aerospace Structural Analyst to alleviate the problem of commercial toilet partition brackets pulling their fasteners out of the wall.

The initial design of the partition assembly incorrectly assumes the forward pilaster can transfer lateral loads into the floor. Single-fastener brackets would work, in theory, if the partition/pilaster assembly acted as a rigid body, resting against the wall brackets and carried the kick load into the floor. Unfortunately, real structure isn't absolutely rigid and the pilaster-to-floor attachment slips against the floor. This slippage causes a rebalance in load and a vertical shear is applied to the wall brackets. Single fastener brackets simply aren't designed to handle this load and work well to pry the fasteners from the wall.

The Fix-a-Stall repair kit comes in sets of (2) CNC machined aluminum brackets, along with hardware needed to repair one partition panel assembly. This modular design will use the existing fastener hole locations of almost any brackets sold. Only one additional hole (both sides) needs to be added per bracket, making a clean, professional installation that will substantially increase the strength of the partition attachment.