Toilet Stall Partition Wall Brackets Upgrade Kit w/ Hardware

Kit Features:
•Repair Any Partition between 1/2 and 1 Inch Thick (most are 1 inch)
•Use Existing Holes in Partition and Wall for Professional Repair
•CNC Machined from 6000 Series Aluminum
•Includes (2) Brackets and All Hardware to Repair One Partition
•Includes Anchors for use in either Tile and Bare Drywall
•Made is USA

The Fix-a-Stall Repair Kit is used to replace bathroom partition brackets that are pulling out of the wall. This happens in over 25% of the installations using standard brackets.

Our kit provides a cost-effective repair that eliminates fastener prying. In most cases, the partition can simply be propped up, old brackets removed, and new ones installed. Only a drill, small hammer and screwdriver is necessary.

Great for repair, upfit or remodel of small business bathrooms, theater restrooms, gym or school bathrooms. These brackets will take a large abuse load without ripping from the wall. They are great for public restrooms or places likely to see harsh treatment. Will fit any partition less that 1 inch thick (most are).
Satin Silver Fix-a-Stall Kit - Installed

Original wall brackets rotate, pulling fasteners out of wall

Our bracket kit solves this problem using original holes in partition and wall